India Ranks 123rd in Pollution Control

Posted by Green Keralam On 2:50:00 PM

India ranks 123rd in the matter of pollution control, reflecting the strain rapid economic growth imposes on the environment, according to the 2010 Environmental Performance Index (EPI). China with the 121st rank, positioned near India in the index.

Presented on January 28, 2010 at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2010, the EPI ranks 163 countries on their performance across 25 metrics aggregated into ten categories including environmental health, air quality, water resource management, biodiversity and habitat, forestry, fisheries, agriculture, and climate change. 

Iceland leads the world in addressing pollution control and natural resource management challenges, according to the index produced by a team of environmental experts at Yale University and Columbia University. 

Other high performers include Switzerland, Costa Rica, Sweden, and Norway - all of which have made substantial investments in environmental infrastructure, pollution control, and policies designed to move toward long-term sustainability.

The US ranks 61st in the 2010 EPI, with strong results on some issues, such as provision of safe drinking water and forest sustainability, and weak performance on other issues including greenhouse gas emissions and several aspects of local air pollution. This ranking puts the US significantly behind other industrialised nations like Britain (14th), Germany (17th), and Japan (20th).

The other newly industrialised nations Brazil and Russia rank 62nd and 69th, suggesting that the level of development is just one of many factors affecting pollution control. 

Occupying the bottom five positions are Togo, Angola, Mauritania, the Central African Republic, and Sierra Leone - countries that lack basic environmental amenities and policy capacity.