Hybrid Cars??

Posted by Green Keralam On 4:08:00 PM

Hybrid car also called gas-electric hybrids, is an automobile that uses a combination of at least two unlike fuel sources for its impulsion. Even though many combinations can be possible, normally when people are discussing about hybrid cars, they are referring to cars with the combination of either an electric motor, or a gasoline engine, or a battery that influences the electric motor and stores energy for future use.

Due to effective use of technology, hybrid cars develop much higher gas mileage than any other vehicle. In fact hybrid cars stands at the top spot for the most fuel economy car in their relevant categories; compact cars, two-seaters and mid size cars.

Hybrid cars work flawlessly incorporating gas engine, high-powered battery and an electric motor. The battery generates power for the electric motor and is revitalized by recalling energy that would normally be lost when losing its pace or coasting. This recalling of energy is said to regenerating braking. If required, energy from the gas engine can be transferred to recharge the battery as well. Because of these charging approaches, hybrid cars never need to be plugged in.

Full hybrids incorporate the gas engine, electric motor and battery so that the electricity can activate on its own in definite conditions. For some hybrid cars this happens at low speed, and when the car approaches high speed, gasoline engine starts up and takes over. Under the solid acceleration, both the engines electric motor and gas engine works simultaneously and provide the required power. 

Hybrid car is categorized in such a way that the arrangement of the internal combustion engine, battery system and electric drive motor permit the hybrid car to be activated solely by the electric motor under definite operating circumstances; normally in low speed strategy and slow cruising.

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