Green Kerala Express drives the world to green life

Posted by Green Keralam On 10:55:00 AM

Hello busy man; just a few minutes... Did you ever dream about the green earth around? What happened to the play grounds, wet lands and small ponds near our house? Did you spend time to mind the hot debates on environmental issues? Can you imagine a day without petrol/diesel fuels? Please consider our nature; our careless will lead to a bad future.

After understanding the vigorous reactions from the nature, like Tsunami, Climate changes, Environmental degradation, Earth quake, Ozone depletion etc, United Nations Organisation give some consideration to avoid further disaster. As a part of it environmental summits and green earth campaigns were actively started. But the decisions like minimizing carbon dioxide emission, energy preservation etc died in the heat debates between countries.

But now a days many world countries started campaigns to care the green environment. Branded companies, industries, non government organisations, educational institutions etc join hands to preserve the earth. India too takes necessary steps to tackle environmental issues.

Kerala enters the scene with a unique programme, GREEN KERALA EXPRESS- the first social reality show in Indian Television aims to find the best panchayath with green initiatives. The green express started its journey to explore and to show the world about sustainable agriculture, conservation of water resources, food and social security, health, education, energy conservation, housing and women’s empowerment in the green land. The initiative got wide responses from various streams and the whole country is focusing Kerala on this experimental eco friendly reality show.

Considering the history of Kerala, we didn’t neglect the nature even at times when developmental projects knocks our door. This is the strength behind Green Kerala Express concept to preserve the green environment. We believe that the small and unique concepts can create miracles than the much proclaimed world summits.

After the successful completion of the reality show, the web platform remains live to give online support to the green initiatives in the God's own land.